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The sheer bio-diversity of the vastly unexplored North east of India is amazing. Take the specially curated Wildlife and Bird-Watching tours of the region that captures the variety to be found in this region. The forests, sanctuaries, grasslands and wetlands are home to some of the rarest species in the world.

Walk the famed ‘Living roots bridge’, admire the beauty of the butterflies and orchids, soak in the spray of the various waterfalls you will see on your tour, or catch the rare one-horned Rhino, along with a sizeable population of tigers, a variety of snakes, large monitor lizards and a significant bird population that includes crested serpent eagles, Palla’s fish eagle, great adjutant stork, whistling teal and pelicans.

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The Assam Wildlife Tour

Wildlife lovers can feast their senses on this amazing tour that gets them close encounters with the rich flora and fauna of Assam.