Meghalaya – the abode of clouds, is also known a the ‘Scotland of the East’. Located in the Northeast of India, Meghalaya borders Assam on the north and east and Bangladesh on the south and west. It is a picturesque state that is world famous for receiving the highest rainfall in the world.

The state capital, Shillong, is a two hour scenic drive from Guwahati and is known as the “Rock n Roll” capital of the country due to its lively music scene.

For centuries the indigenous people of this state have lived in close harmony with nature. This has manifested itself in the form of nature worship, transforming forested enclaves into sacred groves. Besides this, the state lays out a banquet of flora and fauna with a multitude of orchids and pineapple orchards.

The famous ‘Living Roots’ bridges near Cherrapunjee, along with a host of offbeat sites like those offering hot water springs, gorgeous waterfalls and limestone caves, are also features that a traveler may wish to explore. There are also a few National parks and sanctuaries, home to some of the most amazing animals, like the elusive Red Panda, and a host of bird species.

Meghalaya is also known for its distinctive social trait- its matrilineal system, where the lineage and inheritance of generations is traced through women. The state’s population predominantly comprises the Jaintia, Khasi and Garo tribes, who live in the eastern, central and western parts respectively. The hand woven fabrics of these regions are unique and blisteringly colourful.

Hiking, motorcycling, or just taking a road trip throws up breathtaking views of the countryside. Very few places in the world can offer all this and still remain untouched and pristine.

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