Motorcycle Tours

Take the iconic Royal Enfield touring motorcycles and cruise through the terrains of Northeast India on our exclusive motorcycle tours. Cover some amazing destinations in Assam, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya and Nagaland.

The tour provides a unique up-close-and-personal experience of picturesque roads, vibrant flora and fauna, and unique cultures and cuisines of the area. The tour endeavours to create some of the most memorable on-road memories for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Cultural Tours

The Northeast boasts of a cultural milieu which is distinctive in its character and colour. Travel back in time to experience the tribal cultures and traditions that have existed since the middle ages.

Join us at Six Degree Adventures to experience this cultural banquet. Partake in the customs and traditions of the tribes. Sample the cuisines and culinary delights unique to the region. Join in the religious festivities. Experience the monuments. Walk through the villages while interacting with the local communities.

Wildlife & Birdwatching Tours

The sheer bio-diversity of the vastly unexplored North east of India is amazing. Take the specially curated Wildlife and Bird-Watching tours of the region that captures the variety to be found in this region. The forests, sanctuaries, grasslands and wetlands are home to some of the rarest species in the world.

Walk the famed ‘Living roots bridge’, admire the beauty of the butterflies and orchids, soak in the spray of the various waterfalls you will see on your tour, or catch the rare one-horned Rhino, along with a sizeable population of tigers, a variety of snakes, large monitor lizards and a significant bird population that includes crested serpent eagles, Palla’s fish eagle, great adjutant stork, whistling teal and pelicans.


Six Degree Adventures offers exciting opportunities to trek through the scenic and often challenging landscapes of the North East.

Our trekking tours provide you with expert trail guides with in-depth knowledge of the terrain, comfortable stays at the end of the trekking day and a well- paced itinerary, for a whole new experience.

Familiarisation with the local culture through community interaction along with a taste of the local cuisine is also a part of these tours.

Women Travel

The specially designed tours for women travellers offered by Six Degree Adventures is aimed at providing women travellers the best of the Northeast on a platter.

The single woman traveller is ubiquitous and these tours have been specially designed for her, prioritising comfort and security, along with the best travel experiences.

Special Interest Tours


Travel is as much of soul food as is Yoga. These two basic soul-nurturing elements are combined in our uniquely customised Yoga tours in the Northeast.

The tours combine the mindfulness of the yogic discipline, with the perfect ambience amidst the plush natural surroundings of the landscape.
Walking and trekking activities are joined at the hip with yoga sessions, involving meditation and exercises that help to refresh and invigorate the spirit in earnest.


Plan an off-the-beaten track culinary tour of the North East, which blends in many cross cultural influences.

The ingredients are locally produced. The cuisine of the North East leans towards meat, poultry and freshwater fish. However, there are unique vegetarian delicacies to be sampled also.

There are different methods of cooking, including frying, steaming, fermenting, smoking and drying. Flavours range from the spicy to umami.
Locally brewed drinks are also the favourites here. Sweetmeats come in their distinctive varieties as well.

Handloom & Handicraft

The North East is a treasure house of handloom and handicrafts that makes its way from the humble homes of artisans into the markets.

Join Six Degree Adventures on a special tour that focuses on the indigenous handloom and handicraft industry of the Northeast. The traditional weaves, moulds, styles, fibres used, themes are perfect reflection of the rich culture and heritage of this region.


Six Degree Adventures has a special tea trail tour that takes the traveller through various tea estates of Assam, facilitating a rare opportunity to witness the journey of ‘two leaves and a bud’ from the tea gardens to the steaming cup in our hands.

The tour also incorporates a ‘taste’ of the ‘Bungalow’ life, characteristic of tea estates begun in colonial India.