One of the most environmentally friendly states in India, Sikkim has many claims to fame, the least being that it plays host to the highest peak in India, Mount Kanchenjunga, which also happens to be the third highest peak in the world.

The tiny state is surrounded by vast stretches of Tibetan Plateaus in the north, the Kingdom of Bhutan in the east, Nepal to the west and the Indian state of West Bengal in the south. Sikkim has mostly mountainous terrain with the picturesque Eastern Himalayan range passing through the entire state.

The amazing hospitality of the Sikkimese people can best be sampled by staying in a wide range of homestays and farmstays, that have only recently opened their doors to travellers. Sikkim is the first “Organic state” in India and one must try their unique cuisine to get an authentic experience.
The state is a favourite of trekkers and motorcyclists, along with nature lovers. Hot springs, mountain peaks, high altitude lakes dot the terrain of this beautiful state. Like the other states of the region, it boasts of rich animal and plant life as well. The sombre silhouettes of the monasteries in this part of the world add charm to the already awe-inspiring scenery.
Every traveller will find much to experience in this gorgeous region of the nation.

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